08 November 2011


It's a duty.

It's a right.

It's a privilege.

It's a responsibility.

Exercise your franchise. There may be contested elections where you live, there might be important referendums on the ballot. Even if it seems like there's nothing doing, vote anyway. Make your voice heard. Do your duty. Vote.


Pinky said...

Of course I'll vote. I always do. But I miss the lever machines like crazy and will never get used to this asinine new system!

Bibliomama said...

HA - I voted even though I had to go to three different schools to do it and I had the STOMACH FLU. I was a goddamned good citizen that day.

The Library Lady said...

Or don't complain about the government!!

Julia said...

I always vote, but today I didn't because I didn't even know what was on the ballot. And in fact there weren't even any politicians out near our polling places, or placards posted nearby, or anything. What's with that?

loribeth said...

Looks like someone was listening to you! Yay!! ; ) (Here from the Stirrup Queen's 11-11-11 post & comment thread.)

Imperatrix said...

Yes! Those of us who can't vote cannot believe the ease with which people ignore this precious right.