15 December 2011

Pa Rum Puh Pum Pum

Y'all know that I have a lot of Christmas music, right? As of this morning, there are 1445 tracks tagged holiday in my iTunes library, representing 3.2 DAYS worth of non-stop merriment. A small handful of those might more properly be called New Year's music or Hanukah music; I just call it all Christmas music and be done with it. I'm (small-c) catholic that way. Or maybe just (capital-a) Atheist.

Of those 1445 tracks, 24 of them are versions of The Little Drummer Boy. I know. Pah tum puh pum pum.

I was tickled to discover recently that someone had devised a Little Drummer Boy game, the general premise being that

The LDB Game is a social game wherein you lose when you realize that you've heard any version of the Little Drummer Boy song.

Let me tell you that I lose over and over again, because despite the fact that The Little Drummer Boy represents less than 2% of the tracks in that Christmas playlist, it seems to be in rotation all the pa rum puh pum time.

However, our Christmas lights do not flash in time to the pa rum puh pum pum.

You're welcome.


slow panic said...

amazing. pretty much love it.

Kizz said...

You may not realize this but recently I made a pact with the whole wide world to stop playing this damn song. In return I will not commit homicide (over this). You are not alone, this song is possibly the most awful Christmas song OF ALL TIME and yet it turns up in everyone's rotation pretty much every 2nd song. The time is now to abolish it. You'll still have over 1400 songs to listen to. You won't even miss it. I promise.

Mental P Mama said...

I love this!

Jody said...

OMG that is a LOT of Christmas music. Do you have any favorites to recommend? (Can you even remember them?!) I have all the standards, plus John Denver & The Muppets of course, Mannheim Steamroller (which was not in rotation at my childhood home, but which the children LOVE, somewhat to my horror), Garrison Keillor's Christmas Eve album, a couple of albums of hymns ... seriously, no kidding, how do you end up with 1400+ holiday songs?

And again, recommendations? We've got ten days to go and I need something new. No Drummer Boy, please. ;-)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I have a neighbor that times the music and lights. It's a lottttt of work.

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

you will have 25 when I release the version I made up today to sing at the top of my lungs to get Boo to clean his damn room.

Absence of Alternatives said...

This is really cool. Did you read the article about this family (well, not sure whether it's the same one...) but the guy uses a computer to plan the lighting when he did Thriller.

Eric Graham said...

This is the only Christmas I barely play a Christmas song. I don't feel much the spirit. I don't know why. LOL.

Anyways, advance Merry Christmas to you!