15 February 2012

Death and Taxes

Now that it's well after the end of last year, I mean, it is February 15th today, my thoughts have turned to death and taxes. I spent a few hours last night scanning things and printing reports, and packed them all off to the accountant. (Yeah, I know, I could probably do it myself, but I just don't trust TurboTax any more, especially since Intuit screwed over Quicken for the Mac and forced us to change to Moneydance, which might be the stupidest name for a serious program ever, but hey, it works.) As for death, I'm not planning to die anytime soon, but I do want to print my blog so I can bring it out and sharing embarrassing stories about my child with her future suitors. Or something. I'm semi-current: last summer, I printed up 2006 to 2010. And when I get home tonight, I plan to dive into Blog2Print to get 2011 done - especially because I just found a 10% off coupon - huzzah!

It's good for two days only, and expires on Thursday 2/16 at 11:59PM Eastern. If you too feel the need to print out some or all of your blog for posterity and grandchildren, go to Blog2Print and use coupon code savetenb2p - it'll get you 10% off between now and the tail end of Thursday.

Disclosure: Blog2Print didn't pay me to tell you any of this. There is, however, an affiliate link in that there url - if you click over from here and make a book there, I'll get a little referrer fee. Is that okay with you? I'll pay taxes on it next year and everything.


Stimey said...

So, how much does it cost you to make a book for a whole year? Because my book would be really long. But I'm considering this. Currently I print out my blog and put it in a binder, but this sounds easier and nicer. I promise that if I do it, I will use your affiliate link though.

Mental P Mama said...

Can you come over here and do all my shit for me? Thanks.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I'm curious about how much it costs as well. Of course, I could just click over and check!

snozma said...

Boy, you have your life together. I still didn't pay LAST YEAR'S TAXES.

That is not my fault. My husband hid everything. I do not make this up. When I ask where it is, he seems to not know. Of course, the govt. owes us so much money so we won't get fined even if it is sort of a fine in any case.

Ah, marriage! This one is really strange though. Maybe he has a secret family! I don't know.

So I guess I will learn to do the harder ones this year--I only did the 1040 EZ and after that he took over with the Quickens and such-like. He's the one who got the B+ in the really hard economics class.

Anyway, you want to come over and run my life?

Jocelyn said...

I had no idea anything like Blog2print or "blogbooks" even existed...I printed some of my posts last year, but the idea of getting it all pulled together is kind of fun. This is me, writing a coupon code on a post-it while thanking you simultaneously.

Oh, and Moneydance? Seriously? Makes me want to go reread Gary Paulsen's Winterdance, if nothing else. And do a little Riverdancing around the house.

mayberry said...

MONEYDANCE? Oh please!