01 April 2012

Mommy - Girlie Day

To kick off spring break, the girl and I went on an expedition to NYC.

We started off with lunch at Brooklyn Taco in the Essex Street market (where she didn't eat her quesadilla because they're better at school), detoured to Economy Candy (where $20 buys heaven), and went on a fabulous tour at the tenement museum (where oddly the girl was the only child on the tour, and other than a guy in his 30s, everyone was older than me).

Then we headed uptown for the obligatory stop at the American Girl doll store. I refused to buy her a new doll, and she didn't have enough money for one, but I told her she could buy whatever she could afford. (She had a gift card from Christmas, and a wad of singles. Earlier in the day, I'd cashed in $7 worth of change so she wouldn't have to lug it around.) She picked out a new outfit (Kit's floral print dress, from the 1930s because one apartment at the tenement museum was from the 30s) and a Feel-Better kit with ace bandages and crutches and casts (which she is hell bent on applying to the cats).

Our last stop was a ballet performance that Julia's daughter was in, and then we headed back to Grand Central for a slice of pizza, another glimpse of Pegasus, and the train home.

Many miles. Much tiredness. A whole lot of yes.

I think we should do it annually.


painted maypole said...

cats and casts? if she manages to get one on, post a picture. after you're done applying those bandages to HER.

Jennifer Denise Ouellette said...

It sounds wonderful.

Bibliomama said...

Indeed. I love days like this - whether it's the theatre with my daughter or Ghost Rider with my son (HE PEES FIRE).

Kyla said...

What a wonderful day!

Have you received letters from your other "children" airing their disappointment that a new sibling was not brought home? ;)

mayberry said...

Sounds perfect! One of our AG girls just acquired a pair of eyeglasses, and I think they are quite charming.