30 July 2012

Let's Review: Wunderlist

I was whining to a friend, over a glass of wine, that I couldn't keep track of everything I needed to be doing, and that I wanted was the perfect list.  Scraps of paper weren't cutting it. Nor were little notebooks. TeuxDeux was clean and snappy but not enough, and neither was the built-in Reminders app on my phone.

In a fit one afternoon, I turned to the google, and I found the holy grail: Wunderlist.

It is well-nigh perfect. It is:

  • Free
  • Available on the web
  • Pretty
  • Available as a desktop application
  • Clean
  • Available as a mobile app
  • Free

It syncs across all platforms. It lets you have categories of lists, with sub-lists. It has little tick boxes to check off your things. Items can have dates, if they need dates. Very Important Things can get a star. You can PRINT your lists - that might be the part that I actually swooned at. You can email your lists. You can even add items by emailing them to Wunderlist.

Two caveats - though you could have others: it doesn't let you sort your lists, and there's no way to add recurring tasks.

Overall? I love it.

Nope, no one paid me for this. I just like the app, a lot.


Kizz said...

Oh yes yes yes, I am excited to try this!

Quiana said...

Thank you for recommending! I love lists and am always in search of the best apps.

alejna said...

Huh. I am a lover of lists myself. (Let me enumerate the ways.)

I have a to-do list app I use on my iPad, called Things, I think. It's not free, though. It does lets me have recurring things. I also tend to make draft lists in my mail app (just because it is handy and it saves things well), but I only have access to them on my laptop.

I may well try out Wunderlist. I like the idea of categories of lists. I like free.

leanne said...

Must check this app out! Thanks for the tip.