31 August 2012

The Beach

Ah yes. We were on vacation last week, in a little rented house on Cape Cod, walking distance to the bay, 10 minutes to the ocean. Bliss.

We went to the bay, at low tide, sunset, high tide, high noon. At low tide, you can walk out forever and dig up all sorts of critters. At high tide, there was no beach and the steps down the cliff ended in three feet of water.

We went to and in the ocean every day but one.

We even saw a shark! But it was a basking shark, a harmless toothless filter feeder, not one of the great whites that's been out and about.

The day we didn't go to the ocean, we went sea kayaking. One of our boats capsized and one of our iPhones drowned. (If you're wondering, it was neither my boat, nor my phone.)

We played mini-golf three days in a row. Most of the time, we played the right way, and we didn't cry.

On occasion, we played the alternate way, to make the girl laugh. (She'd never played mini-golf before, and it took her a round of frustration and the afore-mentioned tears before she got the hang of it.)

We built a lot of sand castles.

But none of ours were as amazing as this temple.

We ate a goodly amount of ice cream and donuts and fish, because that's what you do on a beach vacation.

We stopped to take pictures in a cemetery, because the yellow lichen was so very lovely. We don't know who Louise was, but she had a really nice headstone.

When we were tired of building sand castles, we buried our child up to her neck. She helped, until her arms were no longer of use.

We did as much boogie boarding as we could, and the one of us who had a broken arm didn't let that stop her. Yes, the waterproof cast really was waterproof.

Everything was wonderful, except that two of us came home with the turistas - not what you expect from a beach vacation that wasn't in Mexico. Either we had some bad oysters (August not being a month with an R) or the water really was bad that day they kicked everyone out of the ocean.

Everything was fabulous, except that we hadn't gone on that kind of rent-a-house-for-a-week vacation in a long time, and so forgot all sorts of really important things - like flip-flops for the girl, and a hat for me, and a pepper grinder (because rental houses always only have pre-ground pepper from 1976). And bug spray, and Tylenol, and a hat for the girl. We did bring a rolling pin (which remained unused) and about 20 knives (most of which, ditto).

Everything was lovely, because - hello? Cape Cod in August? Perfection.

Here's hoping you had a lovely summer vacation.


Janet said...

You should've rented the house I did in W. Yarmouth! Where did you stay? Looks like fun :)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That looks just splendid.

Jocelyn said...

I did have a tremendous summer vacation--but now I want yours, too. I'd have brought the pepper grinder and made it all perfect for you.

Jeanne said...

I still don't understand the pepper grinder thing. Is it part of the feel of perfection, for you?

jo(e) said...

Except for the turistas, that all sounds wonderful! I love the beach.

the sandwich life said...


Stimey said...

That sounds so close to ideal. So fun!

Patois42 said...

What a fabulous send-off to summer. Sounds great, hat-lack notwithstanding.

mayberry said...

Impressive deployment of the waterproof cast! Glad you had fun.

YourFireAnt said...

The ice cream shot is pure pleasure to see.


anymommy said...

I am so jealous, I've always wanted to visit. We've had the touristas in Mexico several times; I think it's worth it ;-)

Rainbow Motel said...

I did, but it's over now. Way over. I miss the healing essences of sand/sea air.

ozma said...

Your daughter is beautiful!!!

I so wish I'd gotten to meet you guys and hook up our daughters. I was with my daughter in the jungle when all this Cape Cod action was going down.

And man, there you don't want to forget the bug spray.

We came home with intestinal amoebic parasites. A little gift of summer jungle river water.

Next summer I hope you'll come back! I want to take the girl to Peru but I'll probably never save up enough so maybe I can meet you then.

Heide Estes said...

Sorry about the bug, but everything else about the vacation sounds wonderful, and I love this post. We took two vacations in Maine this summer, but both are undocumented. I did buy an extra pair of flip-flops since the others were left behind.

V-Grrrl @ Compost Studios said...

I have never been to Cape Cod, and I enjoyed sharing your lovely vacation.

roadshopper said...

I see that you cleverly snuck in a childhood picture of yourself building sand castles. I'm sure that is you in the pink bathing suit. Well she certainly does look exactly like you!