19 October 2012

Mormons and Boy Scouts

I can't resist sharing two nearly back to back stories from the good grey lady:

1) As Partners, Mormons and Scouts Turn Boys Into Men

Virtually every Mormon church, or ward, has a scout troop. Every Mormon boy is automatically enrolled, and the vast majority participate.
2) Boy Scout Files on Sex Abuse Detail Decades of Accusations
A familiar local scout leader, referred to only as Joe, had sexually abused boys in his troop, including the writer’s own sons, and yet was still being allowed to have contact with boys.


Mental P Mama said...


Anonymous said...

Ok. so all mormons are boy scouts?
And all scouts must be corrupted by sexual abusers?
Ergo all Mormons are sexual abusers?
I think this is moronic.
I just scanned article number two but it is about actions in 1978. No?