01 November 2012

Post Sandy

Storm. Wind, a little rain, a lot of luck. No trees down on our property. Power is still on. Internet/TV/landline phone still work. Cell service sucks; people who have Verizon instead of AT&T are in better shape in that regard.

But. Lots of power out in our town. Lots of trees down, roads closed. No school ALL WEEK. Halloween trick or treat theoretically postponed until next week, but essentially cancelled in my opinion. Really, who's going to have any candy left?

Con-Ed has one truck in the area - because, rightly, Con-Ed is focusing on that big swath of Manhattan south of 39th Street that is dark. Did I mention that's where my office is? Yes, no work for the weary.

Manhattan, like the part where my office is, may have power restored Friday or Saturday. But in my home neck of the woods? They're thinking maybe next weekend. This storm was a big deal; don't anyone tell you otherwise.

I have been cooking. It's therapeutic, and we need to eat. Since Sunday:

Chocolate chip cookies
Chickpea/fennel soup
Rhubarb/blueberry upside down cake
"Candy corn" cookies
Apple cider caramels
Unstuffed cabbage (in the crockpot)
Many cheese quesadillas for the girl and her friends

Happily we had plenty of butter, sugar, eggs and flour, not to mention apple cider, fresh sausage, heavy cream, plenty of vegetables, three stalks of rhubarb from the garden, lots of cheese, tortillas, and oddments in the freezer.

The caramels? Might be the best thing ever.

The unstuffed cabbage? I kind of made it up, and it tastes good but its consistency is like glue - I should have added the rice an hour ago instead of at 11 this morning. Oh well. Live and learn.

Here's hoping you are safe and sound and warm and dry and well-fed and well-rested whereever you may be.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm. The chickpea fennel soup may solve a few questions which arrived in today's vegetable box.

Gina said...

Glad to hear you're faring OK. And I MUST make those caramels!

Janet said...

it must feel weird being willing and able to go to work...but you can't get there.

Harriet said...

I can't compare, but Verizon service has been bad too. I haven't been able to call out at all, only receive.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

glad to hear you are OK. Kinda annoyed at the media reports saying that the storm was no where near as bad as they predicted like they are DISAPPOINTED or something.

It was bad enough.

My heart aches for you all


Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

So glad you're all good.

I think if you substitute "Cedar Creek Fire" for "Hurricane Sandy", I have an idea of what you've been through. It's rough. I'm glad that NYC Marathon was cancelled--that was kind of crazy.