14 March 2013

Pies for Pi Day

In Massachusetts all the way
From Boston down to Buzzards Bay
They feed you till you want to die
On rhubarb pie and pumpkin pie,
And horrible huckleberry pie,
And when you summon strength to cry,
"What is there else that I can try?"
They stare at you in mild surprise
And serve you other kinds of pies.*

May your Pi Day be full of pie.

* Excerpt from On Food, from New Cautionary Tales, Hilaire Belloc, 1931


edj3 said...

I have been enjoying coconut cream pie lately. Store bought but in my defense I will say this particular brand is a Kansas City favorite and that coconut cream pie is really tasty.

leanne said...

I forgot Pi(e) Day!!! (silently cursing) But I did make scones. They were still quite tasty.