13 July 2013

Vacation Mere Miles From Home

Due to confusion, we did not go away for the weekend. Instead, we ended up at the H Mart, where we had way too much fun, and bought lots of unusual things to eat. It's like going far far away: a whole aisle of seaweed, another of soy sauce. Pork sliced thin and so precisely arranged.

A three pound bag of MSG:

On of the many variant packages of boiled royal fern (from the refrigerated food section):

And my favorite, frozen sliced cuttlefish, "family's happiness":

Well, maybe it isn't my *favorite*, but I loved that they got the apostrophe right.

Sometimes, all you really need to do is go to a different grocery store.


Julia said...

When we go to Chinatown we always buy "mystery candy". The one rule is that it cannot have ANY English writing on it.

We've done the same with juice boxes, though those tend to show pix of the fruit or veggie supposedly inside.

What'd ya actually buy?

Catherine said...

We used to love going to Mitsuwa when we lived in NJ. So much mystery and novelty, and delicious pork buns to boot.

Janet said...

There's an H Mart right down the street from work...I don't go there nearly enough! Yes, what did you buy?