21 August 2013

Annals of Construction

Text from husband:

"Day began with Clover sheet rocked into hole in kitchen ceiling. (The 9yo) saw it and was understandably FREAKED THE FUCK OUT. Good thing we stopped there before going to horse camp. Otherwise the cat would have been taped and spackled too."

Yes, we have been living amid chaos this summer. Someday, all of the work will be done. Someday.

Happily, both cats are accounted for and all holes in walls and ceilings have been closed up.

But I will be happy when there aren't construction workers trekking through the house before I've had that all important first cup of coffee, and when I can start putting the garden to rights again.


Jody said...

We are only building a screened porch (nothing inside) and it is driving me right around the bend. We're on week ten of our 6-7 week project, and yes, some of it is rain, but some of it is that they disappear for DAYS AT A TIME.


My grass is dead, I can't go out the back door (the new doors arrived with a huge warp in them and can't be opened, the replacements were due on the 15th but there's no sign of them), there's building materials on my driveway, I am going crazy.

If they were in my house, I'd be nuts. Before they went and sheet-rocked my cats into the walls. So kudos to you for sounding so calm.

Bibliomama said...

Gah. Renovations.

Also.... "annals". Snicker.

Jennifer Denise Ouellette said...

I've live through two major remodels. Ugh. It's the only word that suffices.