14 November 2013

Dirty Little Secret

It snowed the other day. Not a lot, not so much that oh my god we have to shovel the driveway or yes you have to wear snow pants today, but enough. My sister whined on Facebook that she was having snow envy, not having any snow where she was, so I posted a picture to her, captioned "the view from my bed".


Of course she asked me what I was doing in bed. Well, first of all, I wasn't really in bed - I was standing at the window with the phone pushed right up against the glass - though if I'd backed up about eight feet I'd have had my head back on my pillow. Second, moments before I took that picture, I had been in bed, because my dirty little secret is that every morning I get up, go downstairs, eat my breakfast, and drink some coffee. Then, I fill up my coffee cup and head back upstairs "to get dressed". But really? I get back in the still warm bed just for a few minutes and fart around on Facebook or play Words With Friends or delete unnecessary email until oh no, I really need to get dressed and leave right this very minute.

It's gotten worse, too. It used to be that I'd leave for work before the kid had to get to the bus, but now, now that's she's in middle school? She's out of the house about an hour earlier than I am, which means less guilt about all that lounging about.

What I ought to do is take the screens out of the windows. I mean, it's not like it's flying insect season anymore.

little yellow house in the snow

Maybe tomorrow morning.


RuthWells said...

Eh, don't rush it. (I wake up as late as I can humanly get away with, to a blissfully empty house.)

SLO said...

I have the same routine - I love getting back into bed and "resting" before I get up for real!

Bibliomama said...

I feel like this secret has brought us so much closer together. And where you live is beautiful.

mishmashmusic said...

I totally understand "snow envy", as I live in the deep South. We rarely get any snow, and when we do, it is usually slushy and nasty. So, I truly do envy your snow! Enjoy it :)


MARY G said...

That's a beautiful shot.
I crawl off to the bathroom in the morning and then stagger as far as the coffee maker, stare at it until it produces coffee for me and JG and then hot-foot it back to bed to drink it and listen to the CBC on the radio.
In cold weather this routine is mandated because the fires will have died off overnight and the only warm place in it is under the quilt(s).