22 February 2014

Send In The Clowns

Gosh, I love the figure skating at the Winter Olympics. I even love the squabbling about the scoring and the judges. But I really love getting to see beautiful skaters who know how to dance.

Like Patrick Chan. His short program was exquisite.

And Yuna Kim. Her short program was perfect.

Or that moment in Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford's short program, where he pulls her through his legs and she ends up sitting in his arms? Adorable.

(gif found on tumblr)

And I loved Akiko Suzuki's dress, which made me call my sister so we could discuss how much our mother would have liked it.

(photo from Nick Verreos, I think. From his blog, anyway.)

What was your favorite Olympic skating moment?


Pinky said...

Yeah, well, those were pretty much my favorites, too. And seeing Carolina Costner finally skate a flawless Olympics.

jo(e) said...

I always like the exhibition at the end, when they're not as nervous and they look like they are skating because they love to skate.

edj3 said...

I didn't actually see any coverage of the Olympics this go round. Which is not normal, but we don't have cable anymore and I found I didn't miss it. Plus I had you to share what was happening :D

susan said...

I loved the people who just seemed so very happy about their skates: Jason Brown, Carolina Costner.

Anonymous said...

Being a former skater---I love that you love it.

YOur hsbff

S said...

All of it. All 20-plus hours of it! Carolina Kostner.

MARY G said...

The gala, same as joe(e). Where the skaters are having fun, not strained. But, being Canadian, I have to say that Virtue and Moir have my heart. Even if your guys are better program pickers. Not much in it, as to the skating.