03 April 2014

Subway. Value added.

Sometimes there are musicians on the train. Not on the platform, but actually in the subway car. The usual suspects include a mariachi band, a blind accordion player, and the a capella doo-wop guys who only know Under the Boardwalk.

Not so long ago, two drummers showed up on the uptown #6, complete with folding stools: they meant business. The drums were djembes, I think – black, thigh high. They unfurled their stools and settled into the wide spot by the doors. Somehow, their beat beat, da dum dum entwined itself in and with the clackity clack of the wheels on the tracks. Together, it was glorious.


Jeanne said...

It sounds glorious. Street musicians are the best part of any big city.

edj3 said...

Boston had either absolutely amazing musicians in the subway or else the worst of the worst. There never seemed to be any middle ground.

alejna said...

That does sound wonderful. (Or sounds like it sounded wonderful?) I'd have enjoyed that.

When I was in the New York subway a little over a year ago, I saw a woman playing the violin while hula hooping. (She wasn't on the train, mind you. I doubt there's enough room for hula hooping in the trains.)

Kizz at 117 Hudson said...

Sometimes they also know Lean on Me.