20 January 2015

Commuting in Seventeen

On a southbound MetroNorth train:

Fifteen minutes to
Grand Central and you stand up.
First guy off train wins?

On the downtown #4 train at 9:42am:
Her long fingernails
Click on the MacBook keyboard.
That typing is loud.

In the 14th Street station:
Young man and red cord
Stealing power underground.
Google search can't wait.

Walking through the Union Square Market:
As I make my way
downtown, inexorably,
The haikus gush forth.


Jocelyn said...

More, more, more cries this reader!

I love vignettes in general, but I have a particular love of those gleaned from public transportation.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I am with Jocelyn! HONY Haiku!