10 September 2015

A Short Story in Annoyance

I was going to write about ocean beaches and tides.

I was going to write about taking my daughter bra shopping.

Instead, I'm perplexed by something. Maybe I shouldn't be.

Even though some people might think I do, since I watch hardly any television and prefer the print edition of the New York Times, I don't actually live under a rock, and so recently I did see that the Pioneer Woman now has a line of housewares at Walmart. A picture flitted across my screen the other day and I was all like "what?". Because included in her pots and cups and lemonade dispensers and gaudy flowered plates were some glasses. Pretty embossed glass footed water goblets.

Pioneer Woman's glasses, at Walmart.

But the thing about these glasses? THEY AREN'T NEW! I've had a pair of exactly those water glasses for a few years - they're *my* wine glasses. Look here, I posted a picture of one of them on Instagram on July 10th:

A photo posted by @magpiemusing on

Is this what happens? Joe Schmo says "I want a line of housewares" for Walmart and they just go out and pick and choose already existing shite? Damn.

I tell you, I have nothing against Ree and Walmart making a buck, but man, I'm never looking at those glasses of mine the same way again.


Catherine said...

I feel the same way whenever I read about some interior designer or other "lifestyle expert" saying, "I couldn't find the [glassware/carpet/fabric/chair] I wanted, so I designed it myself!" I always think, "You couldn't find that? Because I've seen it all over the place!"

S said...

Weird. And icky. (Wicky.)

Jeanne said...

I know some grandmother or great-aunt of mine had glassware like that, and it's in my mind that it was depression-era. In the everything old is new again business, maybe they've started making depression-era glassware to go with the new depression era pottery dishes.

Amanda said...

At least they aren't Mason jars...

Anonymous said...

It looks like these glasses are being pumped out by some factory in Shaanxi, China, probably based on a vintage pattern.


Jocelyn said...

Is this your way of announcing you're going to do a giveaway of those glasses on your blog?!!

leanne said...

Like Sarah said, "Wicky." Definitely, wicky. Oh, and Jocelyn's comment made me laugh.