01 January 2017

New Year

To kick off the new year, we went for a walk, in a park on the Hudson River. I was taken with the gnarled intrepid trees along the shore, unprotected from the elements and showing it.

This battered, misshapen tree was magnificent ... and then we noticed the hole in the side.

Not only was the hole nearly the entire diameter of the tree, you could see straight through.

Naturally, I took a picture looking back out.

Though assaulted, the tree stands. There is hope in the future.


Kyla said...

I don't look forward to the inevitable assault, but I believe we will stand, too, and hopefully all be better off for having risen to the challenge.

kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

what a magnificent tree.
Happy New Year!

MARY G said...

I have a very old apple tree in the yard that is like that. I love it and so do the birds but every year I must persuade my husband all over again not to cut it down.

Nothing said...

Stunning and a terrific testament to how some things endure.