13 October 2019

Not So Blank Books

I confess to being a sucker for a blank book. So, I wasn't surprised when I spent time cleaning out under the packrat child's bed and found, oh, upwards of twenty of them.

Some were untouched.

And some had two or three or seven pages written or drawn on, and then ... nothing.

So - I put a few of the virgin ones aside, and set to ripping out the marked up pages of the others so I could put them in the Take It Or Leave It pile.

But ... but ... but ...

I couldn't not "keep" a few things.

From a book of "lists", I learned that she wants to take a road trip to the Mid West, that she doesn't plan to marry Marquise or have 20 children, and that she needs to go down a zip-line at least once. (Also, she used to spell poorly.)

I am happy to report that she has, in fact, been down a zip-line at least once.

A book with a wolf on the cover, a book that I remember to have been bought in Yellowstone, where we heard a lecture about wolves, included a poem.

in and out of trees,
a White Ballet,
Flying over the fresh snow,
the king of the forest,
Protecting his family for Life.

And finally, one book included a list of cat names - for girl cats and boy cats.

My mother always said she was going to name a cat Puifor, as in Puiforcat, the French silver company. How delightful to find Puifor on the list.


MARY G said...

Love it. My kids actually filled a few blank books, in part by conning me into putting in a drawing for each month and in part by drawing maps. If I posted any of that, they would probably stuff my mouse where the sun doesn't shine. And hey, that is not a bad cat drawing.
Love blank books myself. I have one with two pages used. Blushing.

Allison said...

I have a plethora of blank books around, some filled and many blank from when I started using my computer instead of my pen because writing all the notes I wanted to write about books or journaling made my hand hurt. Eve bullet journals now and fills the pages with butterflies and flowers and stuff and it's lovely. If I keep buying her fancy markers, maybe she will fill up all my blank books.

Anonymous said...

I live and die by my hardcover spiral bound notebook. It goes everywhere with me. I have a hard time with any notebook that isn't hardcover and spiral bound; those are the ones that tend to be half full.