18 December 2019

On the 18th day of ...

The thing about my magpie tendency is that I have two stashes of ribbons - one in Christmas colors of red, green, white, silver and gold - and one for all the other colors. And because I have hoarding tendencies, some of those pieces of ribbon are really too short for much of anything.

But the other day when it came time to package up a mess of little gifts* for staff in my office, I was able to drop each one into a little paper gift sack, fold over the top, punch a hole or two near the top, and tie a different ribbon onto each of the 16 bags. So, they're the same - but not the same.

And my ribbon stash is just that much more manageable.

*candles, if you must know.


MARY G said...

Waaay clever. I, too, am guilty of a ribbon stash. And I just found a paper roll stash, if you can believe it. My bad.