22 December 2019

On the 22nd day of ...

Another perennial family favorite Christmas "cookie" is the cinnamon toast. I know, right?

It is improbably wonderful, kind of in the matzo crack department in that it relies on a base of commercially available bread, but without chocolate.

(I might be a heretic; I don't do chocolate cookies or chocolate anything as Christmas sweets.)

Every time I set out to make it, I have to call my sister and ask her for the recipe because I think I've never written it down and she makes it more than I do and therefore can actually remember the details.

Yesterday morning, I texted her a picture of the loaf of bread at the ready. (I should point out that it's actually the wrong kind of bread - ideally you want Pepperidge Farm Very Thin - but regular sandwich bread will do. I suppose you could be fancy and make your own, or buy some artisanal pain de mie, but Pepperidge Farm is fine.)

My sister promptly called me back and this is what I wrote down.

To be a little less cryptic, here's how to make Cinnamon Toast:

Buy a loaf of Pepperidge Farm Very Thin. Working with 3-4 slices at a time, carefully (gingerly) cut off all the crusts. (Save them for breadcrumbs or to feed your local opossum.)

Mix together one stick of well-softened butter, 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Gently smear this on the bread - the Very Thin is fragile so you really do want your butter soft. Cut the squares into halves - either triangles or just rectangles. Spread out on cookie sheets and bake for an hour at 275°F.