07 December 2019

On the 7th day of ...

My kid is taking the SAT today, December 7th.

She took the PSAT on October 19th.

If SAT scores are generally available three weeks after taking the test, when are PSAT scores available?

a) three weeks after the PSAT
b) 17-22 days after the PSAT
c) on or about November 9th
c) on the 7th day of never
d) on December 11th


If you answered a, b or c, you were being logical, thinking that the PSAT scores should come back in a similar time frame to the SAT scores. If you answered d, there's no hope and you are not going to a college that isn't test-optional. The correct answer is e. Why does it take longer to score the PSAT than the SAT, and why are the scores not available BEFORE the poor child has to take the SAT?