29 January 2020

Hot Diggity

Today's New York Times had an article about Amy Klobuchar ... in the food section. It was titled: A Classic Midwestern Dish Becomes a Talking Point in Iowa, and I read it with great interest (even though I think I never want to eat or make said classic dish).

For one thing, is it hot dish, hotdish, or hot-dish? Does it take an article - like, is it a hotdish, or is it just hotdish? The Times article is all over the map - I guess there's no style guide to hotdish?

I was also decidedly unimpressed with the campaign's printed recipe:

Any sane person knows that when you write a recipe, you list the ingredients in order of deployment.

That said, Amy's Twitter feed got the ingredients in the right order:

But one version calls it Hotdish, and the other calls it Hot Dish.

And I just don't know what to think.

Does Elizabeth Warren have a signature recipe?


Bibliomama said...

In a million years I wouldn't think it was anything else other than "please bring a hot dish". I feel so Canadian.

kathy a. said...

OK, this is a friends and family kind of recipe. I'd also point out that the dish is called "Taconite" something, and it features tater tots. For something Mexican-ish. Tater.Tots.

We're not talking matters of culinary magnificence here. If she's going with "hot dish," all good with me. If someone says "hotdish," that seems close enough to identify that it is warm, and it is food.

This kind of recipe is probably in circulation and regular use, many places. If there's a spread at an event, probably most people will take a bite to be polite; and more if they're hungry. I doubt there are a lot of campaigns offering up homey food, like they do at church functions, funerals, etc.

MARY G said...

Eastern Canada here ... it's a casserole. Hot dish in any iteration unused. And tater tots? Not in the Ottawa Valley to my knowledge. I guess that's a brand of some kind of potato?
Recipe for tortiere on request. That's a hot pie.

MARY G said...

Huh. Bibliomama is also Ottawa Valley and she knows about hot dishes. I guess I am really, really out of date.

Jeanne said...

Many years ago I got a recipe on a campaign card from a political campaigner going door to door in Missouri. It was for spinach balls made with bread crumbs, spinach, butter, and parmesan. We still make them for holidays.