26 February 2023

Who Sits On Boards?

An article in the Times about a handful of states that are trying to legislate against ESG investing included this aside:

Keeping an eye on how climate change may affect a stock holding (or the place for a retirement home), or whether a board is made up mainly of white men from fancy colleges, is part of what anyone should consider when picking stocks.

I have teensy bits of money invested in a handful of places, and from time to time, I get proxy notices and an opportunity to vote for directors. I - without researching them - vote only for the women. It could be that I'm voting for horrible people with abhorrent opinions, but I also know that my vote is essentially meaningless and so I persist. Because boards shouldn't be only white men from fancy colleges.


MARY G said...

Way to go. The university I went to has a Board of Governors, and some of them are 'elected by alumni/ae'. I go down the list and vote for the women, mostly without even reading the bios. And yes, they may make horrible board members, but at least some of them will make the old white men march around. Ditto if a woman is running for local council, or the school board or whatever. Female? check.
I am amused, in a way, at my daughter's latest job. NATO has a Director General and nine 'Assistant' Director Generals. My daughter just got a job as one of them, working on munitions research, mainly, and I am pretty sure that part of the reason she got this pretty dern high level position is that she is a female and females who can do this stuff are pretty thin on the ground. Looks good for NATO to have someone other than an old white male running this department, eh? Mind you, daughter is qualified. Says mother. But she is. What amuses me is that they offered her the position right out of the interview and even after, she told me, her French was pretty shaky to start as she hadn't been using it at all. They sure wanted the female.