21 February 2024

Mrs. Wright's Main Courses

As promised, here are some more of Mrs. Wright's recipe cards. I kept only a tiny handful that fall into the category of main courses - a pot roast, some meatballs, a chicken dish, and a thoroughly gross sounding recipe for tuna on biscuits.

Pot roast might be my favorite. This is clearly the recipe of someone who knows how to cook, and just needs an outline. There is no cooking time, there are no instructions. It's really just fling a piece of meat in the crockpot with a package of onion soup mix and bob's your uncle.

Buzzy's meatballs are similarly vague - do you sauté the meatballs, or cook them in the gravy? I guess you sauté them, because the gravy calls for "fat from the meat". And what makes them Swedish anyway? It's not like they've got lingonberry jam on the side. Like the pot roast recipe, this one's gonna be useless to anyone doesn't know how to cook. (And who is Buzzy??)

I would guess that the Chicken Oahu is Hawaiian in that it has pineapple. Interestingly, though, it's the sauce that's called "Oahu sauce" - and the pineapple isn't in the sauce. In short - you brown some chicken, cook it in the crockpot on a bed of stuffing cubes and pineapple, and then spoon an odd sauce over the top. The sauce is celery, onion and green pepper, simmered in a bit of water, and enriched with sour cream and cream of mushroom soup, and seasoned with a bit of soy sauce. To be honest, the whole thing sounds nasty.

But Tuna on Biscuits takes the cake for nasty. Hot tuna, in a milky sauce, with hard boiled eggs. Poor biscuits. What did they do to deserve that?


kathy a. said...

I've had that pot roast, but it was cooked by a long-ago landlady in a pot she put in her oven until the meat was falling apart. That onion soup mix was a standby -- also made the best onion dip of my youth!

No words for the other recipes, especially the tuna one...

kathy a. said...

Oh, and the Oahu chicken is right out on account of the cream of mushroom soup.

NGS said...

I wasn't too repulsed with the tuna recipe until the hardboiled eggs came in to play. Hmmm...I would probably try it, though, to be honest. LOL.

DAufiero said...

I learned to wrap a 7-bone steak in foil with a packet of onion soup mix and roast it in the oven. I could eat the whole thing myself. What the US did to and with Hawaiian cuisine is a train wreck.