28 February 2024

Time For Dessert (part 2 of 3)

The next two desserts are both familiar and not particularly exotic: Pecan Tassies and a Lemon Loaf Cake. It is possible that I kept the card for the pecan tassies because of another neighbor who always made them (and who, together with her husband and 215 other people died in the crash of EgyptAir 990), but I don't know that Marian got this particular recipe from Sharon. Maybe, maybe not. If you've never had pecan tassies, they are a bit like tiny pecan pies, with a hint towards rugelach since they're made with a cream cheese dough.

There are a million recipes for lemon loaf cakes - and yet, this one spoke to me. Maybe because it's typed? With a pencil direction "For Mrs. Wright"? Maybe because it's got BUTTER (instead of the margarine in other of Marian's recipes - like the pecan tassies)? Maybe because of the precision of the recipe with its admonition to "not beat the eggs". Although, the oven temperature is merely given as "moderate", and when do you add the grated rind of one lemon which "furnishes the flavoring"? I might make this.


NGS said...

This cake will keep well. Sounds ominous!

kathy a. said...

NGS -- keep well, like fruitcake bricks?

Maggie -- I just can't even, with the pecan tassies...

I do love a lemon loaf! And don't even mind mixing the eggs in until smooth. But we're all heart-healthy around here nowadays, so there are too many eggs, and OMG, all that butter! Now I'm committed to an olive oil lemon loaf, using 2 eggs, lowfat greek yogurt, the grated rind plus some lemon juice -- and slightly smaller amounts of flour and sugar. And vanilla, because that makes everything tastier. xoxo