07 November 2006

Cheese Swanwiches

Here's my favorite parent hack: speedy cheese sandwiches, a/k/a quesadillas.

Buy a package of flour tortillas, whole wheat if you're feeling virtuous. Grate some cheese - cheddar, monterey jack, colby, muenster or some combination of those, or whatever you like (maybe not brie or Humboldt Fog). Spread all of the tortillas out on the counter. Cover half of each one with grated cheese. Fold all of the tortillas in half and press down along the fold line. Stack them up with parchment paper between and slide into a plastic bag (or two) and freeze. When you need a quick lunch, pull out a frozen sandwich and plop it in a dry non-stick (or seasoned cast iron) pan. Heat until it starts to brown on one side, then flip it over. Cut into triangles and serve to hungry appreciative toddler.

This is hardly any work for a whole pile of swanwiches.


Melanie J Watts said...

this sounds like it tastes good as well as being quick and easy

mamaloo said...

Oh my goodness! I think I just found the perfect way to prep for Mexican night!

I suggest that if you have any of the following ready to go when you are about to make a quesadilla, you can up the flavour/nutrition factor by adding a spoonful of:

green onions
diced tomato
ground beef
refried beans
beans of any kind!

Unknown said...

Nice idea!

To the list of things to add, try cooked sweet potato. It goes really well with cheese and chiles.

Anonymous said...

I used to do this when I had a home daycare. Just plain shredded cheese for the under-two crowd, cut into little triangles!