06 November 2006

Pump Moms, part 2

The close reader of the post below about pumping will note that I said I pumped at my desk. It's actually a cubicle.

I started out trying to be private about the whole thing. I carted self and pump down the hall to my boss's dressing room - which had a lock and a phone and a private bathroom. All well and good until I got tired (very quickly) of the trek down the very long hall. So I started using his office - with non-locking glass doors - but there was a phone and I could tuck myself in the corner and be pretty much out of sight. Fine for a while, until people realized I was in there and some just wandered in to talk. I think the final straw was when said boss sent someone in to talk to me. So then I gave up hiding and just started pumping in my cubicle. I was discreet: I could talk on the phone, work on the computer, and talk to people who happened by. Really, no one could see anything scandalous...though they did know what was going on.

When it was all over, I made a speech at a staff meeting and said that I appreciated the consideration and accomodation that everyone had offered me, and that I hoped that they would all be as supportive of other nursing mothers in any future situations they might encounter.


Anonymous said...

My direct supervisor was so discreet about her pumping. But we had so much trouble finding time to meet and I finally told her I was perfectly happy to have meetings while she pumped. I was the ONLY person who wasn't uncomfortable with being there during the pumping, so I could assure myself 20 minutes of her time. We just had to wait for her to get a letdown before we could begin :)