29 November 2006

Go, Dog. Go!

I love Go, Dog. Go! I don't mind reading it to Miss M. a lot (it's in heavy rotation again these days). But here's what I hate.

Four times in the book, a girl dog encounters a boy dog and asks "Do you like my hat?"

The first three times, the exchange ends:
"I do not."

[The fourth time, the boy dog loves the party hat.]

Here's what makes me nuts: "Good-by" is not how you spell it.
I cringe every single time.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I am like a hawk for funky spellings and grammatical errors and it drives me nuts! After reading your post, it took some major restraint to keep myself from going at my kiddo's copy of "Go, Dog. Go!" with a big, fat red teacher pen!