01 February 2007

Another Unnecessary Consumer Product

Not only did we not have a Diaper Genie (or one of its kin), but the only thing we ever used for the disposal of dirty diapers were the nice plastic bags that your groceries come home from the supermarket in. After all, they're free, and recycling them for diaper duty (ha ha, a pun!) gets a second use out of them. So what on earth does anyone need a product like this for?

Mir on Wantnot would label this "Retail Gone Wrong".


Mayberry said...

I've always wondered the same thing. Why on earth?! Those newspaper sleeves work perfectly as well.

Awesome Mom said...

If you were really that obsessed about having it seal properly you could use super cheap store brand ziploc bags and not have to pay for the silly designs. Some people have too much time to think up that silly stuff.

Mandajuice said...

I used to keep something like that in my diaper bag in case I wasn't near a trash can or didn't want to throw away a nasty funky poop at a friend's house. Now I just recycle used ziplock bags.