02 February 2007

Anna Wintour = Professional Wrestler?

I was reading the Times from cover to cover yesterday, because I didn't have a spare book. I found myself pondering this description of Anna Wintour in a piece in the style section:

And to millions of people to whom her power is less real (who know her only in connection with “The Devil Wears Prada”) she is also a symbol: the small cross-armed woman in the front row, inscrutable behind her dark glasses and self-protecting English bob, her effect equal parts terrifying and calm, like the center of the storm she has dominated for 19 years.
What struck me was "cross-armed". Does that mean she sits with her arms crossed? Is she armed with a cross? Idly I googled "cross arm" and found that a "cross arm choke" is a move in professional wrestling. Aha! That's it!