30 March 2007

3 + 1: A Hodgepodge

Three = the number of nights Miss M. has slept in undiepants! Three nights ago, she announced "I'm not going to wear diapers anymore, I'm going to sleep in undiepants". And that was that. She's been day trained for months, and pretty much night trained - although she was sleeping in a diaper, it was nearly always dry. But every time I'd suggested ditching the night diaper, she'd resisted. I kept suggesting, gently, and I guess it sank in. I'm so happy to never have to buy diapers again!!!

One = the number of cholecystectomies allowed per my insurance company's authorization for surgery. That's a good thing, since I only have one gall bladder. By this afternoon, I will have no gall bladder.


niobe said...

One of my friends had (not all at the same time, obviously) a c-section, a gall bladder removal, and some other abdominal operation -- the exact nature of which I can't remember right now.

She used to tell everyone that she had a smily face etched on her tummy.

Wishes for a speedy and relatively painless recovery. They do give you good drugs afterward, don't they?

Aurelia said...

Yes, I am wishing you good drugs as well as a speedy recovery and other lovely things. Let us know how it goes!

pinknest said...

bravo, bravo to the undiepants! and that i revel in saying it.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your recovery.

And congratulations on the underwear situation!

Awesome Mom said...

Good luck with the removal. I hope you have a quick recovery.