01 April 2007

Sludge, but no Stones

My gall bladder is no longer with us. In its place are four little holes and some significant pain across the middle of my belly. But the very nice nurses provided lots of Dilaudid in the recovery room, and I went home with script for Percocet.

It turned out that, contrary to what the radiologist had said, there were no gallstones, just a bunch of sludge. So, my mother was disappointed because we can't compare stones (she has a baby food jar full of the stones from her gall bladder removal in 1969), and W. is disappointed because he doesn't get cufflinks made from my gallstones. Oh well.

Everyone at the little local hospital was very nice, although the anesthesiologist was humorless. I think he would not have been amused had we been blasting "I Wanna Be Sedated" as we had been when the anesthesiologist came to put in the epidural when I was in labor with Miss M.

One odd little flashback happened in the elevator - among other signage was a listing for the Cornell Center for Reproductive Medicine and Infertility. I didn't realize that they had an outpost at my little local hospital.


Tracey said...

Sludge? I've never heard of gall bladder sludge. But hopefully it will have you feeling better.

(Cufflinks? Ick...)

Aurelia said...

So, did this mean that you really needed the operation or not? It was obviously bugging you, but can sludge be taken care of without surgery?

It just seems odd to me that they were there but now they're not. Maybe they melted?

And seriously does your mother REALLY have her gallstones from 1969? Why on earth would she keep them?

pinknest said...

what is sludge? well, whatever it is, i wish you a quick recovery!

niobe said...

No gallstones? Sounds like someone screwed up. Or is sludge (a word that hurts my ears like fingernails on a blackboard) equally bad?

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back and well.

Mayberry said...

Glad it's over and done!