05 March 2007

Accuracy At All Times

"Accuracy at all times" is one of those catch-phrases in our house - you use it when you correct someone else's grammar, or usage, or pronunciation, or such like, to deflect the irritation of the correction.

Miss M. is showing signs of being a stickler. We have a nice little copy of Five Little Monkeys by Eileen Christelow, which we read at bedtime a lot. Monkey #3 takes her tumble, and Miss M. now says "not her head, her CHIN". Yup, the illustration has the monkey landing on her chin. I may have to take a Sharpie to the book. In the meantime, I've just done a crude Photoshop edit.


Anonymous said...

We have that book and it used to drive me crazy when I saw that page! LOL, glad I'm not alone!