17 March 2007

Barbie and Bratz and My Baby Girl

Judith Warner often makes me nuts, but her column today was spot on (sorry, it's Times Select). I worry about the daughter that we are raising in a very upscale materialistic town, and I hope that we'll be able to do right by her and counter some of those outside influences towards "Bling-Bling Barbies and pouty-lipped Bratz". It's already a struggle against the Disney princesses, and I suspect it will only get worse. But I have my fingers crossed. Today she told us "I like dumptrucks".


mamaloo said...

I get ridiculed by my girl bearing family members who arent' the most skeptical bunch. In fact, my hatred of gender stereotyping has resulted in my mother and sister's regularly freaking out whenever I wear or comment favourably on anything coloured pink.

If this baby is a girl, it will definitely be a challenge to raise her without a lot of the stereotyping and oversexualized clothes and toys so prevalent now.