25 March 2007

David Eyre's Pancake, Redux

I feel so prescient. Just over a week ago, I posted about a childhood favorite recipe, David Eyre's Pancake. Today, Amanda Hesser has it in the New York Times Magazine, Recipe Redux, with this comment:

Forty years later, readers are still making that pancake (with less butter but no less bliss). It appears on a dozen blogs, embellished with family stories and photos and new-and-improved versions of the recipe.
You think she's talking about me?


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, the NYT! How impressive for a pseudo-mention there! YES, I think that's about you!

Mayberry said...

Agreed--Amanda's been here!

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks you should strap on your Nancy Drew and check your viewer log. Seems very likely! Lucky you - Bossy can't wait for a pseudo-second-hand-mention!

Aurelia said...

You're famous! Wow!