24 March 2007

An Eccentric Grocery List

The other day, I looked at the grocery list by the back door and noticed that the only two items on the list were garlic and tonic. I said to W., "we need more groceries ending in IC". He said aspic. We put out the call for more. Here’s what we’ve got so far, thanks to wordy family members:

Picnic ham
Ethnic food
Alcoholic beverages
Boric acid
Acetic acid
Gum arabic
Vlasic pickles
Balsamic vinegar

And one piece of "cooking" equipment: alembic

And someone noted: “If you eat too much garlic, aspic and tonic, you might need a colonic. Or an emetic.”

Got any more?


Julie Pippert said...

If you won't nitpick about the -ic and -ick, then I think you need some:

novels, gothic
haggis, celtic
bags, plastic
traps for attic
movie, epic
acid, folic
ruler, metric and yardstick
child-rearing book, love & logic
eraser, magic
medicine for carsick
chicken drumstick

I'll stop there before I geek out either of us any further.


Mayberry said...

or if you eat all that stuff together, it might give you colic!

pinknest said...

lol!! i love this list!

Anonymous said...

Funny! I love word games. Other than the alcoholic tonic, nothing on your list sounds all that good to me!

Unknown said...

And what about that nasty little nick that bleeds unmercifully when you're crazy-pressed for time? Don't forget to jot down SEPTIC pencil! Dabbing at it with a blob of Crest and hoping for the best is just not right...

Type (little) a aka Michele said...


Mel said...

Hi, I copied your grocery list board and made one similar to that :) Like the board very much! :) Thank you very much for the idea! :)