13 March 2007

Lux Redux

Today's Times has a column* about the Poetry In Motion project, mostly because it's the 100th anniversary of Auden's birth this year, and so he will get a subway poster, soon.

The end of the column touches on Thomas Lux, who'd written the poem I posted last week. As you might expect, he wrote the poem following the birth of his daughter, who's now 19.

Until she noticed the poem while riding the subway and told him about it, he didn’t know he had been chosen.

Don’t take everything about it literally, Mr. Lux said. “Only some of that stuff came true — about cretins and dolts and sweet talkers on their way to jail,” he said.

Just give her time, we said unhelpfully.

“Yeah,” Mr. Lux said with a laugh, “give her time.”


*It's in Times Select, so you may or may not be able to access the whole thing.