11 March 2007

The Sunday Adventure

Today's whimsy was a trip to Wingdale for barbecue. Big W's had been on the list of road food places to eat in the general vicinity, and got bumped up because they got another mention in the Times the other day, so today we headed north for some meat. Smoked meat. Lovely falling off the bone smoked meat. And sides of beans (full of porky goodness), rice, macaroni and cheese, and a nice coleslaw palate cleanser. And leftovers. We got a half chicken and a pulled pork sandwich for there, and some ribs and brisket to take home. Yum.

We went north to go south to get home, which took us through Millbrook and past an amazing falling down abandoned school. Truly astonishing building, beautiful in its desuetude. We didn't take any pictures, but I found some online, including the whole series in the link. And the website in that link is fascinating - it's a whole mess of photography of abandoned buildings, mostly institutions, like defunct mental hospitals.


pinknest said...

oh that sounds excellent! i want some porky flavored beans!!