17 April 2007

Back When Cheese Was King

Oh to be in in England. Today's Times has an article in the international fluff section about an English cheese maker who's set up a webcam in his cheese cave, so that you too can watch Cheddar ripening, aging, getting moldy.

I don't know why, but for some reason this reminds me of an old Roz Chast cartoon. It's captioned "Back When Cheese Was King", and shows a picture of a piece of Brie wearing a crown. And the cheese is saying "Après moi le café". It makes me laugh just thinking of it.


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the comment, but I didn't write "If You Give A Mom a Muffin." I found it on the web (it's on a bunch of sites) after hearing it read aloud at a MOPS group.

Julie Pippert said...

Hey, the cheese stands alone!

And wow, now I have a new saying better than "paint drying" and "grass growing."


niobe said...

It make me laugh just thinking of it.

Me too.