13 April 2007

Seat Belts

I'm sorry that the Governor of New Jersey was seriously injured in a car accident yesterday, but why the hell wasn't he wearing his seat belt?


Julie Pippert said...

He wasn't wearing a seat belt?


And on the way to that Imus thing, too.

Awesome Mom said...

You would think he knew better.

Guy said...

You'd think. Around these parts if'n you ain't wearin' yer belt you get a ticket. Those coppers have sparky eyeballs.

That being said, I didn't wear my seltbelt once. Which is odd because that's only happened a few times during my driving/riding career. In any case, I have both of my legs because I wasn't wearing my belt.

One sunny afternoon, after lunch, got myself t-boned in a '67 Pontiac Bonneville while driving my '69 bug. It only fractured my pelvis in 4 places and put me in bed for 3 months. If I'd been wearing my seat belt the driver's door would have removed my legs. I wish I had a picture of how wide the driver's seat was after the collision. I remember it being about 1/2 of what it was.

The moral of the story is if you're driving a vw bug and are about to get hit on the left side by a large American car, remove your seat belt really quickly. Otherwise, leave the darned thing on, would you?

The Fool said...

I feel naked without mine on.

I'm wearing it now.

So if a 67 Bonneville comes crashing into my living room, I feel safe.

Tracy said...

I completely agree -- any other "civilian" would be issued a ticket if they were pulled over w/o a seat belt... and yet the GOVERNOR of the state doesn't wear one?! Crazy!

He probably will now, though, don't you think?