03 May 2007

The View from My Window

Recently, Rhymes with Javelin posted a picture of the view from her window, and asked others to share. Here's what I see from my office windows. We're in an old loft building with huge windows, and a charming view from the 8th floor.

Looking to the left you can see just how dirty the windows are (to be fair, it's exacerbated by the backlighting - it's really not that bad). Through the grime, you can see the huge mansard roof of the building across the street.

Looking to the right one notices that there is a bulb out in the wall fixture.

Without standing up, I can see ELEVEN wooden water tanks on nearby roofs.

Once, years ago, I was in the office late, it was probably around 7pm on a summer evening. All the windows were open. I thought I could hear bagpipes, but I ignored it, until I just had to get up and look out the window. On the roof of the building across the street was a bagpiper, in full kilt regalia, marching back and forth ALONG THE PARAPET, playing the bagpipe. Only in New York. Later, when I left, he was down on the sidewalk, playing as the greeter at the entrance to a building where there was a party going on. The roof work was just his warmup.


BOSSY said...

Bossy's views aren't particularly charming. Harming, maybe.

Mayberry said...

Those are much like my views on the rare occasions I am in the NY office.

Love the bagpiper story!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. It's great to see your view!

Anonymous said...

I am jealous; you work in NY AND have a cool view. I look out on a parking lot, and that's only when I get up from my cube and walk over, through a door, to the window.

Her Bad Mother said...

I love those views. Lucky you to work in a loft. I work in a cheerio-encrusted grunge pit.

S. said...

I have owed you a comment on this for much too long! I love the image of the piper on the roof. It has stayed with me.

Thanks for playing!