02 May 2007

Fertility Drugs in Major League Baseball

Every morning before I leave for the train, I sort the Times into the order in which I want to read it, and I discard any advertising supplements and the sports section. I usually skim the first page of the sport section on the way to the recycling bin: Did the Mets win? Did the Yankees lose? Who won the figure skating championships?

This morning, I was dumbfounded to find a headline on the front page of the sports section that included reference to a commonly used fertility drug: Steroid Lugs Grab Midol, Manssieres and Clomid.

I rescued sports from the discard pile.

It turns out that steroid use amongst professional (male) athletes can cause “feminizing effects”, and that Clomid mitigates said effects because it’s an anti-estrogen drug. “Clomid has gained infamy in Olympic testing as a routine flare to signal steroid use that flies just under the radar of detection.” Because there is no earthly reason that a male athlete would be taking Clomid – unless he’s also on steroids – so if you find that he’s taking Clomid, he’s also on steroids.



Robbin said...

Omigosh. That is bizarre. Wonder if it will drive up the prices of blackmarket clomid? Are desperate mothers-to-be going to have to compete with wannabe athletes now?

Labor Nurse, CNM said...

Shit, I had no idea. I just recently heard you can get Clomid on the street...which was weird enough. Who the heck would be taking Clomid when they don't need it? But I had a patient who took street Clomid because she wanted twins. And sure enough, she got them.