15 May 2007

I am...tagged

S. tagged me.

I am 46.
I am a Feinschmecker.
I am a reader.
I am an atheist.
I am a collector of offbeat Christmas music.
I am curious.
I am disinterested in television.
I am easily amused.
I am fond of getting my hands dirty in the garden.
I am married.
I am not fertile, yet no longer infertile.
I am partial to Sancerre.
I am shy.
I am also outgoing.
I am someone’s mother.
I am the product of a liberal arts education.
I am the queen of tarts.
I am wearing jeans.
I am complicated.

I am tagging Pinky, Irish Goddess, Isis, Aurelia and Mayberry Mom!


S. said...

Thank you for the word feinschmecker!

Mayberry said...

I am... getting tagged a lot these days! I feel sooo popular. This will be a fun one -- thanks!

Aurelia said...

Oh lord, I am sooo NOT a poet. This could be bizarre.

niobe said...

I like Sancerre too. But I'm not very complicated.

Sarah said...



BOSSY said...

Very cool list.

Scribbit said...

Feinschenmecher. Or however you spelled it, I'm going to have to remember that one.

Pinky said...