15 May 2007

More Gorey

No drawings this time, but Slouching Mom had a comment on my recent Gorey post which reminds me that my mother called him "Sneakers" for the longest time.

I don't know where in the theater Gorey sat for the ballet - probably first ring, maybe orchestra. But he always held court at intermission on the house left side of the promenade. And he was there A LOT. And, like some characters in his drawings, he was always wearing fur coats, and sneakers, and rings. For years, my mother would come home and tell us that Sneakers was there again. And then one day, there was an article in one of the New York papers about Gorey, with a photo. Lo and behold: Sneakers.


Mad said...

Cool. I've seen pictures of him in the fur coat but I didn't notice the sneakers. He was hardly a subltle person.

S said...

Love it. What a personality.

Julie Pippert said...

That's awesome...hilarious. So she didn't know? What did she say when she saw the article in the paper?

I love it: Sneakers.

Stacie said...

Not about this post, but I love your Bus countdown. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that had the date he'll leave office with the tag line "The end of an error."