18 May 2007

Why Women Avoid Mammograms

Because trees fall down, go boom.

I tried to have a mammogram in December. After changing into a lovely gown, I was ushered into the room with the big machine, where the technician proceeded to ask me a few questions. What, you stopped nursing six weeks ago? Come back when it's been six months.

So I made another appointment. For yesterday. And then winds rushed and rain poured on Wednesday. And the power went out. And the phone went out. Despite detours due to trees lying across roads, I made it to the doctor's office promptly at 8:00 am on Thursday. And the power was out there too.

And yesterday's Times had a handful of letters to the editor, headed "Why Women Avoid Mammograms", regarding an editorial earlier in the week about the fact that that fewer women are getting mammograms. Should I tell them it's because toddlers want to nurse forever and trees fall down?

Oh, and the picture above? That's the now defunct tree at the top of our street that took out our power and phone. Which has now been out for about 48 hours. And in some beautiful karmic event, yesterday's mail brought a flyer from Con Ed, entitled "Power Problems? Let Us Know!" I didn't know whether to laugh or to cry.


Aurelia said...

I agree with every single one of those letters. Mammograms suck, MRIs and ultrasounds work waaayyy better, find more cancers earlier, and are less painful. But of course, since mammos are cheaper, well, heck why not go with the more inaccurate one? :::Sigh::: That said, I do admire your fortitude in going back to get redone. Tree or no tree, I'd be tempted to say forget it.

S. said...

Power out means no mammogram, right? Oy.

Liz Miller said...


BOSSY said...

At first Bossy thought your fallen tree reference alluded to smooshed boobies! In any case, Bossy's friend Martha thinks we're all still getting pancake Mammograms because every hospital in America has devoted huge departments and personnel to the mammogram machine. What will happen to all those things if we switch over to the way less painful and more effective ultrasounds? Bossy votes for scrap metal.

niobe said...

You sound way more cheery than I would if my power had been out for 48 hours. Hope it's been restored by now.