20 August 2007

Monday Miscellany

Here's the subject of a spam I received this morning:

Barbra Streisand goes bra-less

Now, why would anyone care to see such a thing? On the other hand, are they making some subtle play on the unorthodox spelling of her name?

* * * * *

Is this an empty threat?

Me: Go put your pajamas on.
Miss M: No!
Me: Then I won't read you any books.
Child dashes off and puts on her pajamas.

* * * * *

We've been having some work done at the house, but only on the weekends, because that's when the worker guys are available. Yesterday, Miss M. went outside to show them her umbrella (it wasn't raining, she just loves the PINK umbrella). She marched right up to the three Peruvians and said "espera". They were hysterical. Apparently, she's learned a handful of useful phrases from Dora/Diego, and from one of her daycare teachers. But I'm not sure how she figured out that the worker guys speak Spanish. It's not like she's been mixing concrete with them.


Anonymous said...

I have to laugh at your third snipped particularly. Rosie, our nearly 3 year old, barely goes out of her way to speak to anyone. Yet a few weeks ago, when we had some barely English speaking workers fixing our shed, she greeted them with a hearty "Ola!" on the way into the house. Same thing: I'm not sure how she suspected they might speak Spanish -- and even more oddly, she hardly ever greets ANYONE (with Hello, Ola, or otherwise.)

Anonymous said...

I meant snippet -- oops.

flutter said...

I would care immensely, if Babs decided to go free & breezy in public, so then I could, let's say, stay home and hide.

painted maypole said...

the book threat is sometimes the only way I can get my child ready for bed. And I have taken away books (we read 2, so I start by taking away one. sometimes she is able to earn it back by doing something spectacular)

S said...


Number three is a riot.

Number one, not so much.


Girlplustwo said...

espera is probably better than M running around screaming "rescuitra!" or however exactly it's phrased as she careens down the street.

and about your comment my way - i read that book and liked it alot!

pinknest said...

aw, that's hilarious! i bet you she has been up to some concrete mixing no goodness!

niobe said...

Maybe she's heard them speaking a language that's not English, and decided that it *must* be Spanish because that the only other language she "knows." When I hear people speaking in a language I don't understand, it always sounds like French (or possibly German), because those are the other languages that I have any familiarity with.

Furrow said...

You think a braless Babs is bad? I've heard there is a traveling exhibit of nude "Golden Girls" (check your blogstats for that referral in the future) paintings.

I don't watch Dora (yet) but isn't espera "she/he hopes"? Cute. I really want some Spanish/English children's books. Spanish is soooooo cute out of little kids. And useful, too, of course.

Anonymous said...

I got that spam too, and was equally puzzled!

Aliki2006 said...

Thanks for dropping by my bog earlier...

I have used that threat with both kids--and only had to be true to it a few times with our son.

It was a hard threat to carry out, given how much I love the bedtime stories, too!

Magpie said...

Furrow - espera is "wait" (or "stop").

Antropóloga said...

Well, perhaps the stereotype of manual laborers' always being Spanish-speaking has sifted down to her, or maybe, like Niobe said, she just knows of two languages, and knew they weren't speaking English. Or she overheard them. But I'm glad she was confident to go speak!