25 September 2007

Musical Esoterica

Here's the kind of place I work at:

Someone in the office is listening to music - a cacophonous non-linear hodgepodge - dubbing a CD to minidisk to use in the studio. I finally asked "what IS that?" "Xenakis" was the reply, "sounds like bad Meredith Monk".

And here's what happened in the car the other day:

Miss M. has become quite fond of the Pink Martini song "Hey Eugene". When I started the disk from the beginning, that is, not jumping directly to "Hey Eugene" as we often do, she asked "Is that Newgene's Mommy?"

Maybe you had to be there. Both times.


painted maypole said...

we have favorite songs on our CDs, too. ;)

Suz said...

I actually have a CD by Pink Martini, but the boys have so far been unimpressed with my musical taste preferring the joys of C'est Wags, C'est Bon and Rockaby Bear.

S. said...


I love to see my nefarious influence spreading far and wide!

Julie Pippert said...

Yeah, I don't know, it's all Geek to me.


Using My Words

The Egel Nest said...

Newgenes...that is super cute :)

The first one...I guess I had to be there :)

I found you through Works for Mom's (What Works or Us) site...she gave you an Egel Nest Award! Congrats!

The Egel Nest

BOSSY said...

Bossy's son once - when he was four - was talking about The Lion King soundtrack and he said, "I just love those guys."

What guys?

"Elt & John."

Binkytowne said...

Am I so hopelessly out of touch that these are real musicians I have never heard of? Oh dear..

Furrow said...

I have a lot of music snob friends. I know the only way to have any cred with them is to be listening to someone that no one else has ever heard of, so I just make stuff up.

Don't you just LOVE the new Spiral Monkeys CD?

Anonymous said...

Uh, yeah. Greek to me.