19 January 2008

Factoid Fifteen

Okay, I'm calling the trademark attorney next week - I think "vacation underwear" may be intellectual property to which I need to make a claim.

Slouching Mom thought #10 wasn't about me, that it was not about me. But I disagree, because one summer I actually asked my brother, who was working as a kitchen flunky at a local yacht club, to get me a job as a waitress there and he refused because he thought that I would have been a terrible waitress, about which he's right.

And anyway, it does tell you something about me - in the same way that the statement "I don't have brown eyes" tells you something about me. I remember once having an argument with someone about television and the Nielsen ratings - a hypothetical argument, that is. He thought that if you received a Nielsen questionnaire, but that you never watched television, you shouldn't return the questionnaire because it would skew the ratings - taking the position that the questionnaire was about what you were watching, not whether you were watching. I thought (still do) the opposite: returning the blank form indicating that you'd watched nothing was equally about what you were watching, that is, nothing.

Anyway, here's a fifteenth factoid, for Slouchy, ever so tangentially related to that #10:

  1. At the end of the summer of 1975, in sailing class at a different local yacht club, I received an award for "Best Intermediary". They meant "Best Intermediate", as in the level I was sailing at, but someone got it wrong. I have an engraved silverplate bowl to show for it.


Veronica Mitchell said...

I'm with you on the Nielsen thing. If nothing on tv has enticed your viewing, it counts.

slouching mom said...

I guess, if I really think about it (something hard for me lately), I'd say that number ten only became a fact about you when you qualified it by describing why/how the statement spoke to something about your personality.

But I was a philosophy major in college, so disregard these ramblings if they're too, erhm, meta. Or anal. Take your pick.

Thanks for the extra fact. I like to squeeze as much out of my friends as possible, LOL!

Julia said...

I've never been a waitress either. Probably would've been a terrible one as well because I am clumsy. But I did work at a fast food joint. My first job in the US, as a matter of fact.

Sailing. I never learned properly. I took one course in college, so that I could have access to the boathose and could get a dinghy for my dad when he visited-- he used to build and race cats.

Suz said...

Actually, I liked #10. I've been a waitress (unfortunately). Most people I know have been waitresses at some point. It's interesting that you've never done this.

flutter said...

You are clearly the best intermediary.

Waiting Amy said...

It's hard to be a good intermediary, I'd like an award for that.

I too have never been a waitress (hostess yes, but that's totally easier).

niobe said...

Now I'm thinking I should do a whole list of non-facts about me. But, the internets being what they are, undoubtedly someone else has already done this. Most likely, you, Magpie.

Melanie said...

I love it! That bowl would be one of my most prized possessions. I would serve cocktail nuts in it, I think.