21 January 2008

Three Is A Magic Number

When Mayberry Mom and Motherhood Uncensored put out a call for a virtual Baby Shower for MotherGooseMouse and her impending baby boy, they asked for posts on raising boys, and boy-oriented song lists for the playlist to end all playlists.

Well, I can't offer any advice or commentary on raising boy children, since I've only got a girl, but Julie? Teach him to cook. 'Cause everyone needs to eat, and women love a man who can cook.

But I loved coming up with some songs for the the song list. I plugged "boy" into the iTunes search window and came up with many songs by The Five Blind Boys and the Beach Boys, Jane Siberry's album "When I Was a Boy" and 22 versions of "The Little Drummer Boy". I whittled it down to a manageable handful:

  • Pony Boy (Bruce Springsteen)
  • Boy From Tupelo (Emmylou Harris)
  • The boy who never cried (Steve Earle)
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (Bob Dylan)
  • Po' Boy (Bob Dylan)
  • The Jones Boy (The Mills Brothers)
  • Winin' Boy Blues (Leon Redbone)
  • Indian Boy (Paul Pena)
  • The Boy In The Bubble (Paul Simon)
  • Where the Boys Go (The Rolling Stones)
  • Danny Boy (Rufus Wainwright)
  • The Only Living Boy In New York (Simon & Garfunkel)

And then I threw in my favorite song about the number three: Three is a Magic Number (Bob Dorough).

Julie, lots of luck and love to you and your baby boy. And, I think you might need a new handle. Mother Goose Mouse only accounts for two of your three children. Maybe MotherGooseMouseMonkey?


Mayberry said...

Hey, more proof of our cosmic connection. The song I suggested was De La Soul's cover of Three Is the Magic Number.

Excellent advice on teaching him to cook, BTW. (But Kyle will have to do it. Sorry, Julie.)

Life As I Know It said...

I love Springsteen's Pony Boy!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget John Lennon's "Beautiful Boy". My post is up, too. Come check it out.

Heather said...

Yes, teaching him to cook is excellent advice!

Cheryl said...

I agree that teaching him to cook is vital. However... if you are anything like my mother-in-law, bless her heart, you will only teach your son to make a disgusting concoction of rice, mushroom soup and ground beef. In the microwave. *shudder* Teach him to bake and make desserts instead. The girls will be all over him, especially if he makes cheesecake-stuffed strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.

Julie Marsh said...

No worries about the cooking, because KYLE will be the one to teach him! He and I will bake cookies together, because that's the extent of my role in the kitchen.

And that Three is a Magic Number song makes me tear up even when I'm not drunk on hormone cocktail.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

Dang, I love that song.

It always make me cry.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the blast from the past.

Irish Goddess said...

I love Jane Siberry. But "Where the Boys Go" by The Stones? Fantastic!

Jan said...

What a great post. Love the tune.

S said...

"Boy in the Bubble" is one of my favorites. In fact, I think I'll go give it a listen now.