11 June 2008

Link Lint and a Stolen Joke

I see things, I stumble upon things, I read things - all day long. And sometimes, I just need to share them - because there's truth, and weirdness, and utility, and humor, and things to be sad about - all over the interwebs (and in the newspapers). Herewith:

  • Go read this blog post from the righteous Momocrats, the title of which says it all: "Why a Vote for John McCain Is a Vote Against Feminism".

  • Erika wrote a wonderful piece about food and taste and eating, spun off as a riff on a recent New Yorker piece about a cutting edge chef with tongue cancer who lost his sense of taste as a result of treatment.

  • Undoubtedly, you have friends and relatives that forward detritus to you, like bad jokes and urban legend "information", right? Go to Stop Forwarding, and you can send them get a polite but anonymous email asking them to cease and desist.

  • It's that time of the month, the Just Post time of the month (and I'm secretly thrilled to have been included). Go visit Jen or Su or Mad to check out the lists, and give Mad a hug while you're there - she had some bad news last week.

  • Today's Times confirmed that Nabisco has indeed stopped production of Crown Pilots. Bastards. I hope the folks up in Maine are successful with their pestering - after all, they have a track record, because Nabisco tried this stunt once before.

  • I was poking around looking for some bit of medical equipment for my mother, and found a truly weird and depressing product: the smoker's apron. I can't put a finger on it, but something about the photograph in that link is just ineffably sad.

  • And, I wasn't looking for information about menopause, but here's a good run-down, from a blogging gynecologist. It's also the source of this nice joke:
A woman goes to her gynecologist for a check up. "Doctor", she complains, "There are pennies coming out of my vagina."

"Take this medicine", says the doctor, "It should stop the problem."

Two weeks later, the woman is back. "Well, the pennies stopped, but today I found a nickel."

"Let's increase the dose", says the doctor, and writes her a new prescription.

Two weeks later, she's back. "Now it's dimes", she complains.

The doctor reaches for his prescription pad.

"But doctor," cries the woman. "What is wrong with me?"

"Nothing," he says. "In fact, it's completely natural. You're just going through your change."


Mad said...

Thanks for promoting the JPs. We always appreciate the shout-outs. Thanks too for the virtual hug.

As for the smoker's apron? Ew.

flutter said...

oh that joke!

flutter said...

oh that joke!

Aunt Becky said...

I found that joke insanely funny.

Anonymous said...

I'm sending that to every peri-menopausal woman I know.

Anonymous said...

That picture made me want to cry.

Woman in a Window said...

HOLY CRAP! And my husband was (WAS) thinking John McCain wasn't so bad for a Republican. Ah... Ya, thanks for that link...and like I said, HOLY CRAP!

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

That smoker's apron is just really, really sad.

the mama bird diaries said...

i love that you can stop those forwarded emails with an anonymous email. genius!

Anonymous said...

oh I especially hate those 'forward this to 20 of your closest friends' emails. It irks me no end. I blogged about it once, might resurrect it and post it again. They bug me THAT much!

Ewwy at the smokers apron, but alas probably a necessity.

Queen Goob said...

God bless that old guy in the apron - that was FUNNY! I know, quite a few of you were saddened by the whole thing but come on, fires don't start in your lap, they start from furniture catching on fire.

Nice chair he was kicked back in though. I was really diggin' the pattern! And where were the apron pockets for the lighter and cigarette pack? Very poor design.

Maude Lynn said...

Love that joke!